About Us

From the Founders

Before the Crown was born from a desire to honor stories and uplift minds. Our brand is crafted to showcase culture, celebrate confidence, promote diversity in literature, and serve as a reminder of the inherent power within each of us long before external validation.

Often, we become our own harshest critics, leading us to overlook the richness of our stories and the unique strengths that define us. We aim for the essence of this brand to act as a gentle reminder for you. Our mission is to reinforce that your crown is already rightfully yours!

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Our Ethos

Before The Crown stands as a storytelling brand dedicated to amplifying the voices of creatives, emphasizing inclusion, and fostering empowerment. Our diverse portfolio comprises products rooted in education, experiences, and social and emotional learning.

As a conglomerate, we provide a distinctive array of books, encompassing activity books, children's stories, and young adult fiction, paired with a quality assortment of apparel and merchandise.

The inception of Before the Crown was grounded in a commitment to creating an empowering brand. The founding team has intricately woven the concept of “CROWN,” defined as "achievement before validation," underscoring the inherent power within us before external successes substantiate us.

Our "CROWN" portfolio is exemplified through a rich array of characters and stories within our extensive book selection. Beyond storytelling, we present a "royal leisure" apparel collection inspired by culture, comfort, and legacy. In our pursuit of empowering minds, we extend our offerings to include tailored social and emotional programs, workshops, and engaging speaking engagements.

In alignment with our commitment to social responsibility, Before the Crown actively contributes to nonprofits dedicated to education, diversity and inclusion, and literacy.